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Dedicated to my love for things audio, especially equipment from SAE (Scientific Audio Electronics), GAS (Great American Sound), SUMO, and Infinity.

I first fell in love with SAE gear in the late 1970’s but, being an impoverished college student, wasn’t able to afford any for many years. My first piece of SAE was a 2400L power amp. From those modest beginnings, my system has evolved to what you see here. In addition to SAE, I have Infinity speakers and equipment from GAS and SUMO.

A word of warning: this is just a showcase of the equipment I have. If you are looking for background on SAE, or manuals, schematics, etc. I recommend you go to jims-sae-site

Update: Added additional interesting Infinity gear (non-speakers) including a turntable, FET preamp, and Digital Switching Amplifier

SAE Logo New

See the SAE!

Along the way, I also got enamored with tube audio, especially kits. I’ve gathered a bunch of that, including kits from Transcendent Sound, Bottlehead, and Decware, and you can see it here.

Tube Audio Gear

See the tubes!

 Special thanks go to Jim of jims-sae-site.com, without whose help none of this would have been possible. Thanks, Jim!

 Thanks also to all my fellow SAE, GAS, SUMO and Infinity enthusiasts, who have contributed material to this site.

Contact me at: david@davidsaudio.com

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