SUMO Product Literature

In the beginning: This relatively spartan brochure is the original SUMO brochure, describing the company and its initial product line. (Courtesy of Ampzilla Joe)

SUMO Grows: As SUMO became more successful, they were able to move to nicer full-color brochures. An early promotional one is here, and a full product line brochure is here.

This brochure is courtesy of Stephen Cheung. (Thanks, Stephen!) Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version, or download a PDF here..

Sumo cover

Sumo Page 1

Sumo Page 2

Sumo page 3+4

Sumo Page 5

Sumo Page 6

Sumo Back

Spec Sheets: For individual products, SUMO issued one and two page spec sheets. Here are the ones I have currently: (Courtesy of Ampzilla Joe)

Andromeda III

SUMO I Cartridge

SUMO II Cartridge

Moat Bridging Adapter

Polaris III

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