Other SAE Gear

This page just includes some other SAE that doesn’t really fit anywhere else on the site.


This is my backup system. I have Infinity RS-IIs being driven by my X-system. The other rack (see below) is some additional gear.

SAE_X-Series | Infinity RS_II

Spare rack is an SAE R-2 rack. Top to bottom:

-Nakamichi Dragon
-Carver CD player

-SAE Mark IM preamp

-SAE 2400

-SAE 2400

-SAE 2400

-SAE 2401

-SAE A501/X-25

(see the rare page for details)


SAE Metered Amplifiers

This rack gives a new definition to heavy metal.  It’s by SAE but I don’t know the model. Top to bottom:

-SAE 2100L preamp


-SAE A1001 amp



-SAE P500 amp (spare)

(see the rare page for details on both amps)


SAE _A1001_P500

Contact me at: david@davidsaudio.com

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