Rare SAE Equipment

I’m not sure “Rare” isn’t a misnomer for this page, but I had to call it something. This is a page of uncommon, or unusual, or, in some cases, completely unique SAE equipment.


Looking at this amp, it looks like a regular A501. In fact, it is the last X-25 ever produced. As you might expect, there’s a story that goes along with it.

On the outside it’s an A501....

but on the inside it’s an X-25!


This amp’s origins are kind of interesting (to me, at least). The X-25 amps had ceased production when the original owner of this amp contacted SAE about buying an X-25. Since he had just recently placed an order for 20 amps (including the P500 I own), SAE was interested in accommodating him if they could.

The service manager, Jeff Stone, went around the plant and scrounged up enough hypersonic parts to build an X-25. Unfortunately, the plant no longer had any X-25 sheet metal so they mounted the X-25 electronics in an A501 chassis, resulting in this unique hybrid amplifier. Those were the last of the X-25 parts; after this, another X-25 was never built.

SAE P500

I’m also fortunate enough to own two P500s. These were SAE’s Professional series equipment, intended for sound reinforcement applications (like concerts, etc.) The P500 is the Professional series equivalent of the A1001 amp, putting out 500 watts into 8 ohms.

Looking at the photo below, you will note that the amp is being driven to its full rated capacity . Also note how clean the wave form is on the oscilloscope. 


SAE A1001

Holy Grail, Batman! After searching for a long time, I finally acquired the most elusive member of the 01 series, the A1001 amp. Putting out 500 watts into 8 ohms, and weighing 75 pounds, this is one serious piece of electronics.

SAE A1001


This fits in the category of “uncommon”. The E102 was a regular production member of the 02 series equipment. Unlike other members of the 02 line, however, you hardly ever see these for sale. I believe they were the last component offered in the 02 line, and I suppose they didn’t sell a lot of them, although I have no production figures to back that statement up.


E102 Microphone

If the E102 is “uncommon” then this is scarce as hen’s teeth. The E102 shipped with a microphone that was used to measure room acoustics and adjust the equalization. Whether owners lost or misplaced them, you never see them for sale.



Another item you rarely see for sale, the 3022 was an early attempt by SAE to produce an integrated amplifier. Presumably to reduce engineering/manufacturing costs (I suppose), rather than developing a new product from scratch they merely tacked together a 3000 preamp and a 2200 amplifier, tied together with common sheet metal.

This led to a completely unique and funky design - rather than having the inputs on the back panel like a conventional system, the inputs are tucked away in a slot on the side of the unit. If you look on the right side of the picture below, you can see the opening where the input jacks are located.


7000 Headphones

SAE marketed headphones as well. Here’s a set of their 7000 headphones.


If you have rare SAE equipment you’d like to sell, or just send mesome photos, please contact me at david@davidsaudio.com

Contact me at: david@davidsaudio.com

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