SAE X-series Components

The X-series was SAE’s entry into the high-end audiophile market. The official product line included a preamp and three different sizes of power amps (X-10, X-15, and X-25). 

They came in both black and silver/grey finishes, with the black being much rarer. Hopefully someday I’ll have a set of black-faced components but for now I feel lucky to have a complete set of the silver/grey components.

My X-series equipment has several uncommon members:

- The equalizer you see here was a very limited production of the E101 with the matching X-series faceplate.

- There is also a limited edition X/T101 tuner. Like the E101, it’s a standard T101 but with a faceplate to match the X-series.

- There are also two X-15s, one with and one without power switches. (I believe the switches were required for export purposes).

- Neatest of all, there are also four X-25s - two domestic X-25s and an export model of the X-25 (all shown here) and a rare X-25/A501 hybrid, which has the distinction of being the last X-25 ever produced (see my Rare Stuff page for more on the X-25/A501).

From top to bottom:

-SAE X-1P power supplies

-SAE X-15 power amp (domestic)



-SAE X-1P preamp

-SAE X-1P preamp

-SAE X/E101 equalizer


-SAE X/T101 tuner


-SAE X-10 power amp


-SAE X-15 power amp (export)


-SAE X-25 power amp with on/off switches (export)



-SAE X-25 (domestic)



-SAE X-25 (domestic)

See the Rare Page for the


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